On Desktop:


1. Badge Notification: Will appear next to the item that has a pending notification/ update. For example, a Bolster with a new Task, Note, File, Document, Post to the Interactions feed will show a number next to the Bolster name in the left-hand panel. A badge (seen as a dot) will also appear next to a chat if you haven't viewed it yet. Badges will appear in locations as either a dot or a number to indicate the amount of new activities that have taken place in that location.


2. Banner Notification: This will appear if you've allowed notifications in your browser.  They usually slide across the top right of your screen and play a noise to show that you've received a  chat. (Currently, a chat is the only thing that triggers a banner notification.)


On Mobile - iOS (Android is in Beta):


1. Badge Notification: These are triggered by Chats and Interactions feed posts on Bolsters. They will appear outside the App as a red number on the top right of the Bolste App icon. Within the app, they will appear as a blue dot next to the tab (at the bottom) that has an update and a number next to the Chat/Bolster that has the activity.


2. Banner Notifications: A banner and a noise will show on your phone when you receive a chat. This occurs whether or not you are in the app or not. There is not a banner notification for Bolster Interactions Feed updates.



 HEADS UP: Keep in mind that our mobile app only displays Chats and Bolster Interaction feeds. Settings for your phone will affect how these are displayed (if at all). To stay current, be sure to allow notifications from Bolste in your phone's settings.